Use the latest technology

Your buyers register on our app to make an offer with full transparency.
Your buyers can see all other offers in real-time encouraging them to make a higher offer if they want to stay in the running.

The best thing is, you’re watching it happen!

Get More Offers Faster

Your perfect buyer is encouraged to take action fast which means your house is on the market for less time.
You will receive a notification as soon as an offer is received.
No more wondering if anyone is interested!

Have Confidence

Our guarantee is, you will never wonder if you could have got more.
You will KNOW you got the highest price.

We Care About Your Outcome

“Steve Lay and his team made the whole process of selling a house smooth and professional. The Lay2 team are great to deal with.”

“Lay2 went the extra mile to understand us, thinking outside the box and working hard. Steve made smart recommendations, which saw us sell our property for about 10 percent more than what we expected.”

“We’ve sold two houses with Steve Lay and had great results both times. Highly recommend calling Lay2 in if you are thinking of selling.”

“Purchasing your first home can be a nerve-racking experience, but Steve and his team were friendly, efficient and responsive, making the experience smooth and enjoyable!”

Until now, buying and selling real estate has lacked transparency… Many agents over-promise and fail to deliver. This can leave you feeling confused and frustrated.

Why let your agent control the sale of your biggest asset? You deserve better!

Owner, Lay2 Real Estate

Why Do We Have More 5 Star Reviews Than Any Other Real Estate Agent In The Bayswater Area?

Too many property sellers are pressured into taking the wrong offer…You deserve better! Lay2 Real Estates App uses a transparent sales method that helps sellers find the true market price for a property, through an online offer platform in real-time!

What really stood out was the use of the latest technology to get the buyer action happening quickly.

Give the guys a call you will not be disappointed.

Paul Scott

Great experience dealing with Steve at Lay2 Real Estate when purchasing our property. Steve has a great knowledge of the Bayswater area and is very friendly and easy to deal with.

Jye Dalziell
I researched on the internet various real estates and was attracted to a new style of sales campaign where over the internet everyone from the seller to the buyers can see all bids in real-time. Steve was open and accurate when he described this new method of selling a home. It costs nothing to sound them out. If your experience is anything like mine you will be glad that you did.

Lance Templeton
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There Should Be A Bidding War Taking Place On Your Property

Receive a notification every time an offer is made in “REAL TIME”.
You don’t have to wait for the agent to get back to you. You can see it happening.

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A Little About Us

We understand the pressures of selling your home can feel overwhelming.

You have a lot of decisions to make.

● Should you renovate or not?
● Which agent should you choose?
● How can you be sure you are getting the best price?

We will help you make all the right decisions and give you the certainty you chose the right agent!

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Helped over 2100 people buy and sell homes

Award-winning Number 1 agent in Australia using technology that gets interested parties into a buying frenzy.


Use a technology that guarantees you get the best price from all interested buyers and we can prove it.

Make selling your property in the Bayswater area simple and enjoyable.

Have the certainty that you got every dollar.

Experience the freedom to get onto the next phase of life.

Don’t do more open homes than you needed to.

Never wonder if you got the best price, you will KNOW you did.

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Let’s Start A Buying Frenzy Over Your Home With These 3 Steps

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Book a Free Appraisal

We will discuss your property plans and work through any special requirements for your property. You learn about the proprietary technology we use to sell your property for the highest price


Your House Goes On The Market

Once you agree to us being your agent, we follow the plan specifically designed to sell your property.
Technology is used to get the buying activity happening quickly and ensuring you get the best price possible.



Your House Is Sold For The Best Price

It’s celebration time. Your house is sold for the absolute best price and now it’s time for you to start the next stage of your life.

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Lay 2 Real Estate Gives You The Control…
Not The Real Estate Agent!

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Our Services



Take our years of experience and latest technology to guarantee you sell your home fast for the best price guaranteed.


Property Management

We’ll manage and take care of your investment, ensuring you get the right tenant.

We manage properties all over the Bayswater area with regular inspections

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