How much is my house worth in Bayswater WA?

How much is my House Worth in Bayswater WA - Lay2 Real Estate

You live in Bayswater WA and you are wondering “How much is my house in Bayswater worth”?

How much will my home sell for?

Every home has it’s unique characteristics. That may be the build type and design. It may be the location in that suburb and or the location on a particular street. The street location itself can add to or subtract from a home’s appeal compared to others homes on the same street. It maybe the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the land size, the amount of rear garden, does the property have rear access? Is there a shed? If so how big is the shed? Other factors such as the existing colours inside and out i.e colour of the paint used inside, internal design like the kitchen and bathroom are large factors. Nothing like a brand new kitchen and bathroom! But also the functionality of a kitchens location, or the size of the bathroom etc can affect the buyers buying heart muscle.

When was the home built? What is the style? Brick and tile colonial style, or classic 1920’s weatherboard cottage style. Or maybe a brick and tile built in the 70’s?

How much maintenance is due to be done on the property? How’s the electrics? How’s the gardens looking? Is it worth painting the home to freshen it up? Maybe the pathway, porch and entrance to the home needs painting and tidying up? etc. What condition are the oven and stove in? In that vain how is the kitchen? A great kitchen can make a big difference to a homes sale price! How big is the laundry? What’s the morning and after noon sunlight like during the year? Any noise from nearby highways? Are you close to shops and public transport?

Property Presentation

What do I need to do to my property to best present it without having to spend a fortune. “If I spend a lot of money will I get that money back”? Talk to us at Lay2 about how we would approach the sale and preparation of the home. We’ll keep in mind the bottom line whilst looking to get you the best possible price.

In some cases selling the property as is can make the most sense. We have examples of those property selling instances as well.

How much is my house worth in Bayswater WA - Lay2 Real Estate
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Comparing your home to other properties in the area.

How much is my house worth in Bayswater? How does your home compare to others in the neighborhood. We at Lay2 have years of experience seeing and selling other homes in the area. We can quickly advise on where your property potential sale price is in today’s market.

Automatic Online Home Valuation Systems

Have you accessed an automatic home valuation website to find out what you home is worth? These systems base the value on average statistics like land size, number of bedrooms, year built etc. They do not take into account the total property aspect. What is appealing to buyers? Does your home have certain points that would create one or more great sales points? The automatic valuation systems will not be able to pick up on these points. Call in Lay2 to assess your home and to give you up to date feed back on where your property will sell in todays market. How to best present your property and how to best promote your property’s strong points.

Free Property Appraisal

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