2019 Openn Negotiation Agent of the Year for WA and Australia! Well done!

Steve Lay at the Lay2 Office in Bayswater WA
Interview with 2019 Openn Negotiation Agent of the Year -Steve Lay

What does it take to be a leading real estate agent in 2019? 🤔Check out our live interview with Steve Lay from Lay2 Real Estate who was recently crowned the Openn Negotiation Agent of the Year for WA and Australia. We chat to Steve about the opportunities to thrive in a difficult market and how Openn Negotiation became a game-changer for his business.Want to learn more about Openn? Head here: https://hubs.ly/H0k5cjV0

Posted by Openn Negotiation on Sunday, August 4, 2019
Steve Lay and Peter Clements Interview re 2019 Openn Negotiation Agent of the Year for WA and Australia,

Story written by Mick Lay.Sep 2 2019
Steve Lay walked away with a number of awards this year at the Openn Negotiation yearly awards earlier this year in August.

Steve had no idea how any of the other agents had done during the year and was oblivious to the fact that he was about to win several awards.Two awards were the 2019 Agent of the Year for WA and the other The 2019 Agent of The Year for AUSTRALIA.Well done Steve.Great work and a huge effort indeed!

See the interview above between Steve and Peter Clements (one of the founders of Openn Negotiation).

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Steve Lay showing his Openn Negotiation awards.

Steve showing the awards he won at the 2019 Openn Negotiation Awards Night.  Steve walked away from the night with the Openn Negotiation Agent of the Year for WA and Australia.  A Big Effort.  Well Done Steve!