Update – Five Bidders via Openn Negotiation now on 31 Arundel St Bayswater WA

Five Registered and Qualified Bidders on the 31 Arundel Street Bayswater Openn Negotiation system - for sale by Steve Lay of Lay2 Real Estate

Openn Negotiation Experts!
Steve Lay of Lay2 Real Estate won the Openn Negotiation 2019 Agent of The Year for AUSTRALIA – yes AUSTRALIA! You can be confident you are in expert hands!

Bid 1: 27 Sep $475,000
Bid 2: 5 Oct $495,000
Bid 3: 6 Oct $515,000
Bid 4: 7 Oct $535,000
Bid 5: 10 Oct $545,000
Still one more weekend before the final bidding stage.

As you can see the the first bidder came in at $475,000 on the 27th of September 2019. The second and third and fourth came in on respective dates – see picture / diagram above.

The property is being sold via Openn Negotiation (flexible term online sale). The sale has commenced and the property can sell anytime PRIOR to 6.30pm Tuesday 15th October 2019.

Check the video below;

Updating the Openn Negotiation for 31 Arundel Street Bayswater with its 5th Qualified Bidder

If you are thinking of selling your home or property in Bayswater or near by suburbs like Maylands, Bassendean, Mount Lawley, Yokine, etc definitely call Lay2 Real Estate to discuss how the Openn Negotiation sales process works and how it can work to provide a great result for your property in a minimal amount of time and cost!

Too many people leave their properties on the market for far too long. Time is money! If that is you you are probably spending money on advertising, losing potential rent and or the cash money you would have got for a sale and still paying mortgage payments! Ouch!

Our aim is to provide the seller with a result within 30 days! Yes! Within thirty days you as a seller will have a much better idea of where the market is. You will have three choices at that time – sell at the market price which may or may not be at the price level you want to sell at. Do not sell the property and stay living in it or do not sell and rent the property.

We cut to the chase and save you time and money! It is a very efficient system. Although the system and process is superlative it needs a great driver to run the it! Without a great driver the Openn may not generate what you need or want. This is where Lay2 Real Estate comes into play!

You Need The PROVEN Experts In Openn Negotiation!

Contact Lay2 Real Estate on 08 9371 100 on business hours or call Steve Lay direct on 0419 191 100.