Under Offer via Openn Negotiation on Arundel

Steve Lay talking about the result of the Openn Negotiation at 31 Arundel Street Bayswater WA

Under Offer by Openn – Great result for the sellers and buyers of 31 Arundel Street Bayswater WA! The sales process (Openn Negotiation) only took nineteen (19) days but had over seventy (70) groups through the property!

The Benefit of Openn Negotiation

The benefit of the Openn Negotiation process enabled the sellers to take a look at the market first hand in great depth! With so many people visiting, inspecting and then becoming bidders on the property the sellers to truly see what their property was worth in today’s market. And to their great surprise the sale price exceeded their expectations. The property is now Under Offer by Openn.

31 Arundel Street Bayswater WA – Over 70 groups through in 19 days – Now Under Offer

Well done to the buyers who bought the property with a final increment stage of only $250 dollars. Thank you to all the other bidders who showed interest and tried to buy the property. Also a huge thank you to every one who visited the home opens.

That means there are still buyers out there Mr and Mrs Seller! So if you are looking to sell your property in Bayswater WA or in near by suburbs contact Lay2 Real Estate and we would love to introduce potential buyers of your property to you and work to have your property under offer by Openn and Sold.

Comments back form potential buyers was that they really appreciated the openness and transparency of Openn Negotiation. They were able to judge quickly if the property was out of their budget or not. This is one of the advantage of having the bids seen by the public.

Selling Your Property
When you are thinking of selling your property contact Lay2 Real Estate to discuss how Openn Negotiation can assist you in selling your property.


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