Yokine 3 Bed Villa

Steve Lay standing at the front of a Three bedroom villa property in Yokine 3 Bed Villa in Yokine WA.

It is Going To Sell!What Does This Mean To You?
The executor has instructed that a sale must take place This means that if you are looking to get into Yokine in a great location (near Yokine Reserve) then knowing that this 3 bed villa will sell makes it an obvious decision to get involved. Therefore make time to visit the property at one or more of the home opens, become a registered qualified bidder and give yourself a great chance of buying the property at your price! Yokine Three (3) Bedroom Villa For Sale via Openn Negotiation!

Where Is It?
The address is 3/146 Shakespeare Avenue Yokine WA 6060
Google Maps Link – Click Here

INTRODUCTION to the Property at 3/146 Shakespeare Avenue Yokine WA VIDEO – CLICK HERE

How To Best Make Openn Negotiation Work Best For You as a Buyer.
What Openn allows you as the potential buyer to clearly do is see what other potential buyers are offering / bidding. This allows you to do your best to buy the property with full confidence that you are competing fairly to try and buy the property. Therefore if you do buy the property you know exactly where the market was behind you. If the market goes way passed your budget you have not lost anything. This is why it is important to participate as a bidder. In some cases you may find the property selling at your price. So you can see why it is best to get involved and become a registered / qualified bidder.

How The Openn Works Best for The Seller of a Property
As the seller of a property you can clearly see in a short period of time (usually about 3 weeks or so) where the market is / where the market is willing to pay to for your property. The process creates competition between buyers. Having worked this real estate selling method for over two years and also prior to it becoming an online application we at Lay2 Real Estate are proven experts in using Openn Negotiation and getting to work for most property sellers in an efficient timely manner. That is why we truly believe it is the best way to sell real estate.

Other Real Estate Selling Methods
We assume as a seller you do not want to be sitting on the market for 6 months and paying advertising fees etc. Or have you had one offer and sold that first week? Well how do you know that that wasn’t a low price hence the quick sale!? Standard Private Treaty Style of selling does not allow the market to see each others offer. This means as a seller you have no way of knowing if the market could have paid more. Openn Negotiation enables the seller to see the market compete and bid against each other. Therefore if a seller really wants to get the best possible price that the market can pay for their property we are confident that the Openn process can work for all real estate sellers. HOWEVER!

You Need a F1 Driver Like Skilled Operator!
Just like any tool or system – no matter how good the tool or system is it is only as good as the operator. Think of a F1 racing car! A great, fast car indeed! But it is useless unless it has a great driver and team to support it. That is what Lay2 is to Openn Negotiation! The F1 driver class of driver and team work when it comes to implementing Openn Negotiation when selling property. This makes Steve Lay of Lay2 Real Estate and his team with their proven track record the ones to choose when selling your real estate. Steve Lay was the 2019 Openn Negotiation Agent of the Year for AUSTRALIA. So you are in great hands!

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