What is a Property Buyer's Agent?

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Lay2 Real Estate – Property Buyer’s Agent.

Just like real estate agents who help assist you in marketing and selling your property, a buyer’s agent, is a licensed professional who works for you as a buyer and acts on your behalf to search, evaluate and negotiate, contract and settle a property purchase.

A buyer’s agent aims to ensure you are as fully informed as possible and works to buy the property at the best possible price for you in the market at that time.

Buyer’s agents can offer either full or partial services to help you find the ideal property. 

Note: Lay2 Real Estate’s property buyer agent service is available for all clients and any property except properties that are listed for sale by sales representatives of Lay2 Real Estate.

Why Use a Property buyer's agent?

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Utilising years of real estate sales and buying experience, recent statistics, consideration of current and possible future economic conditions we lay out a plan to purchase a property we or you may have identified at a price level that fits in with your expectations.

You may be time poor and or you live away from Perth. You need an a person on the ground that has your back when it comes to your real estate purchase. Using an experienced agent to assist in finding, negotiating and supporting you through the whole process of buying your property is why you use Lay2 Real Estate as your property buyer’s agent.


Tom Sideris from Lay2 Real Estate will work tirelessly to find and purchase the property that best suits your needs to the best of our ability at the best possible price at that time in the market. (Service not available for properties listed for sale by Lay2 Real Estate and it’s sales reps).

Saving you time, stress and money!  Together we can find and negotiate a better deal on a property than you may.  Let us at Lay2 Real Estate do the hard work!We guarantee your satisfaction!

If you are looking for a property and need assistance due to lack of time, knowledge etc contact Tom at Lay2 Real Estate today.

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The Property Search

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Everybody’s property needs are different yet the basic principles when it comes to buying real estate stay the same.  It is important when buying a property that you have analysed the market well and researched what you need and are confident that the property you are about to make an offer on is a good fit for you.

Now a good fit can mean a lot of different things to different people.  A good Buyer’s Advocate will be able to search out and present different properties and there strenghths and weaknesses based on your property needs.

To do this this takes time and experience, knowledge of the market and a good network of contacts in the industry also helps.  Tom Sideris has all these aspects and is ready and willing to work hard for you today in order to find the right real estate property match for you and your family.


Ready. Set. Go!

Make use of Tom’s services today.   Whilst you are busy at work and with family let Tom do most of the research and leg work for you.  To talk direct with Tom call the Lay2 office direct on 08 9371 100 or Tom direct on 0403 163 167.

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Let Tom make your property search and purchase a rewarding one!   Tom can save you time and money.  For those people who are busy with work and family and just don’t have the time to do the research and legwork needed to find the property that is right for them at the right price.  You may even live outside of Perth – interstate or  overseas.  You may even live to the North or South etc of Perth and just not be able to make it to Perth.  Let Tom Sideris do the hard yards and work together to buy the right property at the right price.