Openn Negotiation Testimonial

Bayswater Openn Testimonial

Openn Negotiation

Both Steve and Mick were finalists in the 2018 Openn Negotiation Excellence Awards. They’re both experts in getting property vendors the absolute most they can out of the market. Openn Negotiation is transparent and fair to both buyer and seller.

Steve & Stuart Talk About Openn

Steve sat down with Stuart Blizzard after his property was successfully sold via Openn Negotiation to chat about the benefits Stuart found with selling his property using this method of sale.

Steve Lay: So good evening every one or good morning, wherever you are in the world. We’re here with Stuart, Stuart Wizard, a very well known man around town in the business circles. And we’ve just had the privilege of conducting an Openn Negotiation for a property that Stuart owns. So Stuart hadn’t heard about Openn Negotiation until probably six to eight weeks ago so I just wanted to ask Stuart, welcome Stuart.

Stuart Blizard: Thanks, Steve.

Steve: And we’ve just had a successful sale. So what did you first think about Openn Negotiation when you heard about it?

Stuart: Yeah, Good question, Steve. New concept. Been to auctions before but to go to an online auction where you can actually see the bids come up on the screen and see the sort of the eleventh hour, how people are bidding, and see certain size bids, yeah that was quite exciting. At the end of the day, we got up to an acceptable price which is what we wanted.

Steve: So basically the transparency, the openness of the process allows the owner to see what’s going on. The buyers get to see what’s going on, and under competition, we get the best price on the day. So that’s what we’ve achieved tonight. Now, Stuart, in terms of the service over the last three or four weeks from Lay2 Real Estate, Mick my brother especially who’s put a lot of effort into it, how would you rate that? Have you ever sold a property before?

Stuart: I have sold a property before, but certainly none like this. As my wife said we’re now got a new favorite couple of brothers, so we’ve been really impressed with Steve and Mick’s effort, both with the home opens, explaining the process, been very efficient, accommodating with the final offers in terms of the bidding process. Been really impressed with the guys, so certainly happy to endorse them for this process.

Steve: Thanks Stuart. And on that, there’s a lot of work that goes into it, some people don’t realize how much actually goes into it. But we put our heart and soul into this Openn Negotiation. We work for the sellers. So if you want to know any more information about it, give us a call, email us. Mick and I are very happy to come and see you. And we thank you for watching the video, and Stuart, congratulations on the sale of your property.

Stuart: Thanks, Steve.

Steve: And we appreciate your business. Hopefully, we can help out your friends and family at any point in the future, that’d be fantastic. Ciao for now, see you soon.

Stuart: Thanks.