We’re Different

At Lay2 Real Estate we are different.  We concentrate on the people and not the business first.  We would be really happy to meet and talk real estate with you even if it is for just a chat to answer some real estate and or other questions you may have.  We are here to help.  Being part of and living in Bayswater the for nearly thirty years we have a vested interest in making sure all established, new and soon to be owners, renters are all looked after as best as possible.   That is why we decided on the Motto “People Before Profit”.   Lay2 is a family run business and not a large corporate office from far away.  We are invested in the community with heart and soul.  We are here for all your real estate needs.  Contact us today – click here.

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Our Customer Focus


Our whole focus is being straight to the point and honest with our clients so you know exactly where you stand. We’re not interested in inflating your expectations to get your business and then spending months bringing you back to reality.  

We will be frank about current market conditions to give you the total picture right from the start.

Experience The Lay2 Difference

We Want To Help

If you would like to do business with a caring and understanding real estate company, let’s make a to meet.

Let’s sit down over a coffee to discuss your real estate needs and the wants that are important to you.  From our initial meeting, we’ll work side by side throughout your property sale or property management journey to ensure a smooth and enjoyable process.

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