Bayswater Junior Football Club Round Up 1

Bayswater Junior Football Club RoundUp with Colin and Steve. Image of the cheque presented.

Bayswater Junior Football Club (Bayswater WA) RoundUp – 13 July 2021

Bayswater Junior Football Club RoundUp

This is a break down about the “RoundUp” information session. 

First time in club history to have 15 Football sides. Over 250 registrations across junior & modified footy, also over 100 registrations in Auskick.

Year 7 travelling along nicely in the first year of modifieds. Elevated to the top division and enjoying playing on a larger oval.

Year 8 having a sensational Year after not registering a win last year. They are currently on top of the ladder a game clear! Great Job! Big Shout out to Coach Chris on doing a ripper job! Keeping all his boys together and with the inclusion of a few Ballajura boys. Looking for a new footy home this group of boys are playing some super football.

If you are looking for the club’s website –

Year 9 Green have had a tough run of late. Yet to register a win even though they have been in front in the last few matches. They have been over run in the 3rd quarters.. A win is just around the corner for this group.

Year 9 Red are playing in the top comp and have been playing some real good footy. Just coming up short. I’m sure these will turn into some wins in the second half of the season.

Year 10 are having another solid season. Sitting pretty in 2nd spot. Master Coach Mike Scott has his players geared up for another grand final this year.

Year 5/6 girls are still leaning their craft. Wade Hull as a new coach to the club is doing a fantastic job, teaching the girls the footy fundamentals.

7/8 Girls under the tutelage of Super Coach Dean Byrne they are currently sitting 5th on the ladder. Having a real hot crack week in week out. Hopefully a few more wins will seal them up a finals position.

Year 9/10 Bayswater Morley girls had there first win the week before the school holiday break. They are improving week by week. There’s surely a few more wins around the corner for them.

Year11/12 Bayswater / Coolbinia have been brilliant considering the amount of injuries they have had. Coach Sean has been very impressed with effort every week and they are currently sitting 5th on the ladder. The club was lucky enough to get Michelle Amos onboard as the Female Football Coordinator. A really important role as the club continues to grow and with women’s football now flourishing.

New Indigenous Jumper for Bayswater Junior Football Club (Girls).

New Indigenous Jumper Present to everyone (girls) the new indigenous jumper. Rob Wittkowski asked Hillcrest Primary to come up with a design. It was decided that Hanna B………..had come up with an outstanding design. We will be presenting Hanna and the school a jumper at a school assembly in the next few weeks.


New website about to come online so please make sure you keep on the socials to check it out. Upper Hillcrest development is still pressing along with some workshops being held with the COB… This Saturday morning at Upper Hillcrest at the Naidoc round. Mayor Dan Bull and councilor Lorna Clarke will join us to unveil our indigenous jumper. Check the site for details.


Charlies Fresh Food Market. Specials, Continental Rolls, Corner butcher, vegies,

Thank you for supporting your community.

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Bayswater Junior Football Cub – West Australia