Innovative Lay2 Real Estate sponsorship program helps save Bayswater Primary School Netball teams.

Bayswater Primary School Netball Sponsorship photo June 2021 - Steve Lay of Lay2 Real Estate and some of the team members image with sponsor cheque.

Bayswater Primary School’s Netball Club.

Proudly sponsored by Lay2 Real Estate. A group of about forty girls and boys enjoying netball, enjoying sport! We hope that this will give the team the needed equipment and uniforms to carry on and build the team/s. Keep on playing – keep on smiling!


Bayswater Primary School Netball Club with Steve Lay

The familiar story that is often heard….a struggling sporting club not knowing whether they can survive and or supply the required facility to their players due to lack of funds and or support. A request for help was made!

Lay2 Real Estate Bayswater has stepped up to the plate and is pleased to be able to sponsor the Baywater Primary School’s Netball Team.

A few details about Bayswater – click here.

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Bayswater Primary School’s Netball Club.

Contact the school for more information about the Netball club and other school activities.

Bayswater Primary School Information – click here.