Is it time to sell my Home? What do I do now?

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Before you list to sell your property. The Fundamental Question is What?

Sell my home – In order to get the best price for your property in today’s market there are a three fundamental questions that need to be answered. But there is one that is the most fundamental of all! Subject to the answer to this question the processes that follow will differ.

These processes can and will affect the final sale price of your property. What are these instances that I am talking about. Well to go through them I’d need your attention for quite some time. But prior to that the main issue that most agents neglect is the next step they YOU are going to take. Selling a house is about you!

To sell my home, what is the Fundamental Question?

Selling your home should mean that the next step of your life has been sorted and you know where you are going? Have you found a property to buy? Or are you just in the beginning of the “I think I want to move to another home and or suburb” phase? Before plunging into the process of selling your home you need to be sure of your next step. The fundamental question before listing your property for sale is “Have you decided on and sorted the move to your next residence”? Subject to this answer all other processes and selling methods will be affected?

Is the purchase of your next home dependent on the sale price of your current home?

This question is still part of the first question! Is the purchase of your next home dependent on the sale price of your current home? If so be sure to discuss this with your real estate agent. Ask your agent straight up. “I need to sell my current home for this amount of money in order to buy the next. Do you think I can get x amount of dollars for my home”?

If the agent’s answer is not a clear yes or at least a response that gives you confidence that the sale price will be close to what you need (we all know that you probably over stated the required sale price by a few dollars)? If you haven’t be sure to!

What are the next questions?

What are the next questions? Well it really does depend on how you answer question number one! These next questions really have to do with your current situation and expectations. We at Lay2 Real Estate use processes of selling and marketing that take into account what best suits you. You may be thinking that you need to do market the property in a particular way and spend a certain amount of money to facilitate a sale.

“To sell my home I’m not sure of what to do next”.

It may be the case that you are just not sure which way is best to proceed. That’s where our many years of experience in selling properties comes into play. Note: It’s not just about selling but it’s about gaining the best possible price that the market can pay at that time. Plus matching the best sales processes that meet your personal requirements.

What’s the next step? – Contact Lay2 Real Estate today.

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