Sellers and Buyers Love the Lay2 Real Estate Process.

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It has been 34 years since Robyn was last involved with the process of selling or buying real estate and a lot has changed in that time.

Watch Steve Lay’s chat with Robyn about her experience of selling her home with Lay2 Real Estate.

Steve Lay recently helped Robyn sell her home in Grosvenor Road, Bayswater, and she volunteered to give us her thoughts on the process of selling with Lay2 Real Estate and comparisons with other agents she has dealt with while buying her new home.

Why choose Lay2 Real Estate?

“You’ve been very helpful over the years with general queries on real estate – buying, selling, renting. You were always really helpful and really professional. When it came time to sell, I decided to come straight back to you.”

That’s what we do at Lay 2 Real Estate. It’s about helping people. Whether you’re doing business with us or not, we’re happy to talk to you, give you advice, and give you our opinions on what we think is happening in real estate in Bayswater, surrounding suburbs, and Perth in general. Whether it’s renting, selling, buying, or any other information you need – we’re happy to do that.

Attracting buyers.

“Your database approach was really good for a nervous seller. As my confidence got up and I decided this is definitely what I was going to do, having the full sale [marketing approach] was really great. It made it very simple.”

Robyn was hesitant at first and didn’t want to do a full market launch. In the initial stages, Robyn’s property was sent to our database of ready-buyers. That attracted 11 groups of people through the property.

Several couples were interested but what emerged was a trend among wives who could see the renovation opportunity in this 1920’s cottage classic, but husbands who were less keen on the work that might be involved. This meant going to the wider market to generate interest from committed buyers. This was a strategy that worked.

Sellers and Buyers Love the Lay2 Real Estate service and process.
Robyn’s Grosvenor Road Home


“Every step of the way, I knew what was happening. I was confident to ask questions about anything I didn’t understand. It actually made it really easy.”

That’s what we try and do – communicate, and keep you up-to-speed. Even with the things you may not understand. We know that you don’t have the experience that a real estate agent does. We do this every day, sellers don’t, so we’re happy to answer all the questions you may have. You might think you’re bothering us – you’re not. We’re happy to help.


We use software called Market Buy. “That made it transparent for me as the seller, for buyers to see what was going on, and for you [the agent] to be able to liaise between the groups. I thought it was a really good system.”

Using the Market Buy software allows us as agents to do our job even better. Quicker sales, transparency for the buyers and more money for you as the seller.

Nobody wants to over-pay, but as a buyer, if your offer isn’t high enough you’re probably not going to get the property. The Market Buy process is open and transparent. You can see the other buyers’ offers so you always know where you stand. It’s a more comfortable negotiation and a lot less stressful for everyone. Market Buy allows both buyers and sellers to make informed decisions.


What we’re here to do is service our clients as quickly and effectively as we can during every step of the process. Some agents take their foot off the gas once an offer has been accepted but we stay thoroughly engaged with all parties until keys change hands.

“The follow-through was great. Any time I had a query, if I was looking for properties [to buy] and wanted to know any information about what I do next? or how I do something, I’d ring you guys any time and you were really helpful. It was fantastic.” 

How do we compare to other real estate agents and agencies?

“You were more interested in people as people rather than as walking bank accounts or someone with a product to sell. It was actually a much more human process which is why I felt very comfortable going ahead [with Lay 2 Real Estate]. It was great.”

People before profit is our ethos. It’s what we stand for. The by-product of what we do is that we get paid but on the way through, it’s about looking after clients. We go out of our way to help you.

Steve Lay, Managing Director.

“I really believe in what Steve and the team are doing. I like the process and I want to wish them every success for the future because they’ve been great to deal with.”

If you’re looking to buy or sell and you want the process to be easy and fast, contact Steve Lay via [email protected] or 0419 191 100. Or simply enter your details below.

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