Selling My Home For More Money – Home Preparation. Four Simple Ideas!

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Selling My Home – The Basics Count!

When preparing your home for sale – you can start off with doing the basics. Most of these things you can do your self and if you don’t have time the cost to get it done can be kept to a minimum.

1. De-Clutter

That’s right! De-clutter! I know that after years of living in the same house items can accumulate. You need to go around the home and pick up anything on the floors of each room that does not need to be there and find a hiding place for those items (rear shed/or give them away/dispose of them). This also counts for items on benches and tables. Try to take everything off the table tops that does not belong there.

By doing this alone you will be impressed at how all of a sudden your home looks that much more spacious and cleaner! Easy!

2. Paint

Are there walls, out door paths and or fences that could use a little paint to just freshen them up? The initial image / impression that a painted path way can give compared to an old faded path way can be huge! Again this is a job that you can easily do and do it cheaply. If you are not sure how to do this then visit your local hardware store and ask. they can show you what to use and explain the process. Or if you don’t have time there are plenty of painters that can assist you.

The same goes with the house front walls, gutters, widow trims etc that face the street. When someone drives up at a home open the first impression will go a long way to possibly encourage potential buyers to get mildly excited compared to a home that has rusty and dirty gutters, blotched paint on the walls and window trims that are weather blown.

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3. The Garden and Lawn

If you have any garden and lawn be sure to at least do the weeds, cut the grass and possibly trim the hedges etc. A neat looking garden on the day of the home open all bodes well for that good first impression. This is not a hard job to do but you’d be amazed at how many people forget to consider the look of their garden. If you do not have time hire your local gardener for a few hours. You’ll also enjoy the cleaned up garden and lawns.

4. Staging

You can go to town on this and over spend or you can do it just right. Each home is different. Some homes don’t need little to no staging. talk to us at Lay2 Real Estate about what we think would work best while considering your budget. Simple things like new table cloths, new vase with flowers on the day of the home open (not to many flowers). New inner lace curtains can also freshen up a room at minimal cost. Lamp shades on lights that have no lamp shades or very old lamp shades. These are not expensive items but can and do go a long way in improving the image and feel of a home. New decorative pillows etc can help. There are many things you can do at a budget price that will help!

Staging services that supply everything you need and when sold they are taken away! Be aware that curtains and light fittings are usually sold with the property. If you want to keep any of these when selling be sure it is stated on the offer and acceptance contract.

Selling My Home – Ready for that first home open!

Selling My Home – Now you are all done and ready. It will take a bit of effort and time but it will be well worth it!

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