Wabi Sabi. The Ryokan Experience

Wabi Sabi - Japanese Inn 25 Elizabeth Street Kalamunda WA

The Beginning

“Wabi Sabi” Ryokan (Japanese style bed and breakfast)*
Opened in 2010 by Donald McKechnie, (Kalamunda Shire President 2010) and Mr Torao
Sato, (Consul-General of Japan, Japanese Consulate 2010), this compact bed and breakfast
business was established adjoining the family home.

Ryokan Wabi Sabi was run for many years offering the traditional overnight stay complete
with a Japanese breakfast menu. Additionally guests could add an evening banquette to
their overnight experience.

This self-contained accommodation could be reopened as originally planned or could be
utilised as a Granny flat or simply additional family living.

Wabi Sabi – the Ryokan experience

A Ryokan is a traditional style Japanese inn or guesthouse originally built as a resting place for
travellers dating back to the Edo period. This type of accommodation still exists today, if you wish to
see, taste, touch, and experience traditional Japanese culture – then a night at a ryokan is just the
thing for you.

Here at the Ryokan Wabi Sabi you will be immersed in a special sense of tranquillity. Entering through
an Edo period sliding gate you will step through into a garden reflecting the sensibility of traditional
Japanese garden design.

While meandering through to the entrance of your accommodation you will hear the sound of water
emanating from the Koi pond, here you can sit and enjoy a refreshing cup of green tea, or Japanese
iced coffee. The Ryokan comprises of an entry area, sitting room, dining area and bedroom with

Your guestroom is designed with a blend of Japanese and Western styles, a modern living area with a
Japanese ethos.

During your stay at the Ryokan Wabi sabi you will experience a traditional Japanese breakfast,
delivered to your private dining area. You also have the opportunity to order from our dinner menu, a
kaiseki –style or seasonal Japanese banquet. As the name suggests the courses can vary depending
on the time of year. The meal can be served in your private dining area or alternatively in the garden, at night – a hidden world punctuated by Japanese lanterns.

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Although the first tea ceremonies originated in China, the Samuri took the ritual to a new height,
believing in the notion of “ichigo, ichie” or ‘one lifetime, one meeting’ in other words a unique moment
to be treasured. Hence the elaborate tea ceremony evolved.
If you choose to experience a traditional tea ceremony at Ryokan Wabi Sabi
This is the way of tea……..
A well-orchestrated ritual starts with the guests taking a slow walk through the garden, waiting at the
bus stop for the ceremony to begin.

Entering the teahouse by crawling through a small sliding door the guests are humbled by their
entrance. Once inside you will see the decorative alcove or tokonoma displaying a seasonal scroll
and an ikebana arrangement. You will be seated seiza style on Tatami matting, but a cushion can be
provided for the uninitiated!

You will be served by your host demonstrating the ritual preparation of Matcha (whipped green tea),
wagashi will also be served (tea ceremony sweets).


‘We are so inspired by your elegant hid-away. The passion yo have poured into even the smallest detail of architecture is evident for all to see. The exquisite food and beautiful garden have combined to make this a stay that will linger in our memories for ever’.

‘Thank you for a very memorable visit. It is as if we have been transported to Kyoto for a week of R&R…Yet it was just 24hrs. The peaceful, tranquil authentic Japanese ryokan and exquisite cuisine have been fabulous in every way’.
‘Thank you so much for our wonderful stay, as soon as I arrived, I felt as though I had been transported back to my trip to Japan. Me and my partner found the gardens beautiful, and I loved how the lights in the tea house seemed to magically light up on their own at night. My boyfriend has not been to Japan, but I am so glad I could bring him here as this is just amazing and every detail is so accurate. The breakfast was really good and can’t wait to stay again for dinner!’


At the time of publishing this post “Wabi Sabi” is not trading.


25 Elizabeth Street Kalamunda WA 6075

Japanese Breakfast – Ryokan “Wabi Sabi”.

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