Bayswater Croquet Club

Playing Croquet at the Bayswater Croquet Club

Croquet anyone?

Bayswater has a rich sporting history with a diverse number of sports clubs across the suburb.  Recently, we caught up with the representatives of the Bayswater Croquet Club.  Club Treasurer and long-time member Trevor Ashby shared the long history of the Bayswater Croquet Club.

The History

The Bayswater Croquet Club was founded in 1932, initially on private court and eventually as part of the men’s bowling club.  Croquet continued to be played at the club during the war period, despite being taken over by the army at the time.  Lights were provided so ladies could play out of the hot sun.

The Clubhouse

In 1955, the Roads Board approved a dedicated clubhouse for the croquet club with a budget of $3000.   The resourceful members managed to meet the budget using second hand items from an old tennis pavilion and the new clubhouse was opened in 1961. Men were permitted to join in 1963.

Today the club plays two styles of Croquet. Association Croquet and Golf Croquet. The Association being the traditional more formal style of the game. Golf Croquet is played with modified rules.

Parties and Bookings

The Club is available for parties and social events, with club members on hand to help with the playing of the game of Croquet

The Location Map


For more information about Bayswater Croquet Club contact Jacqui and Trevor Ashby on 08 9276 7896.