Steve talks to the owner a day after her property settled

Steve & Paula Talk Property Sales

Steve & Paula Talk Property Sales

Steve met with Paula the day after her property settled to discuss the sales process and what she felt Lay2 Real Estate brings to the table.

Steve: I’m here today with Paula from 35 Kitchener Avenue, Bayswater. She’s just sold a property and I’ve asked Paula if she wouldn’t mind getting on video and having a bit of a chat about how the sale of her property went. So Paula, and by the way, Paula doesn’t know I’m gonna ask her any questions, what I’m actually going to ask her in terms of questions, so she’s probably a little bit intrepid at this point. Paula, you had three appraisals on your property before you put it on the market. One of them was Lay2 Real Estate, the other two were local agents. What made you choose Lay2 Real Estate?

Paula: I think it all comes down to the person really and the experience that that person, which is yourself, had in the neighborhood. You were the third one that I invited, and that was based on a recommendation from a lady up the street, and you had known her father for years and worked with her father. And when you came around and had a chat to me, you took the time, number one. I felt that I could trust you. I felt that you understood what my motivation was and that you’d get the best price for me. And even though I didn’t feel like I was being sold to, I think I was„ but I thought I’d, you know, if you put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, hopefully, they felt as comfortable with you as I did.

Steve: Speaking of buyers, the settlement actually happened yesterday. But on the way through the settlement, there was a, it was a little bit interesting. So how did you feel about the way we handled the hiccups I suppose along the way that can happen, they come out of the blue, how did you feel that Lay2 handled that situation in your words?

Paula: Well I was actually having a chat to my dad a couple of weeks ago, well, probably 10 days ago or so and said to him, “I’m so pleased that I chose Steve to take on this agency”. Because I didn’t feel that the other two agents that I’d considered could have done what Steve did give the circumstances. So I think just realizing both sides of the story, understanding that working with the buyer and myself, obviously it was quite emotive on both sides. And also providing some assistance of some trusted service providers that really are absolute gems, people that I’ve met along the way. So, I think yes, Steve’s got a great network of people.

Steve: Thank you very much for those kind words, Paula. I knew it was a bit of a stressful situation, so we finally got through it bit by bit. But if there’s one thing you could say to somebody watching this video that’s looking at putting their property on the market, what would you say to them?

Paula: You have to feel absolutely comfortable with the real estate agent that you work with. It’s not all about what the rates are or why, you know, they’re all reasonably much of a muchness at the moment. Some might try and undercut it but really it’s about the person and how comfortable you feel with that person selling your house, and how comfortable the buyer will be with them too.

Steve: Thank you very much, Paula, I really appreciate your business. For anybody else that’s looking to sell their property, please give us a call on 0419 191 100, and we’ll come around, have a chat and if we need to go any further than that, we can. Otherwise, happy to meet you and I look forward to seeing you soon. Ciao for now.