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Terms and Conditions for entering a Lay2 Real Estate open home during this time.
We are doing our best to continue to sell the property for those in need during these trying times.
To protect our sellers, buyers and team members we are asking that you complete the following form before attending our open home.

Please note: every person in attendance must complete this form, or adhere to your acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Confirm your situation below:

Q1. Have you or anyone you live with returned from overseas travel in the last 14 days?

Because of the government-mandated isolation for anyone traveling to the country, we require you to confirm if you've been traveling in the last 14 days.

Q2. Are you currently in quarantine or self-isolation (or living with someone in that situation) for any other reason, such as coming into contact with a confirmed case of the coronavirus?

Q3. Have you tested positive or been tested for coronavirus in the last 14 days?

If you've tested positive or been tested for coronavirus we will have to discuss with the owner of the property if they'd like to proceed, or require you to wait before inspecting the property.

Q4. Are you exhibiting any flu-like symptoms?

Q5. Do you agree not to touch anything in the property, and ask the open home attendee to open or close any cupboards, drawers or doors on your behalf?

Unfortunately at this time, we can't have buyers or visitors touching anything in the property. This includes opening and closing cupboards, drawers, etc.
If you'd like a drawer or cupboard opened you can request that the attendee running the open opens it for you and they will do so with gloves or other protective equipment.

Q6. Are you aware of the governments currently outlined requirements for social distancing?

It has been recommended by our state and national governments that you should remain at least 4 meters away from other people to reduce the spread of infection.
Because of this, we will be limiting the number of open home attendees that can be present in a home, based on its size at any one time.

Do you agree not to touch, or come into contact with our staff during the open home?

Q7. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we are currently having to impose contact limitations for the protection of our staff and customers. Our agents will not be able to shake hands or come into any contact with you, or anyone else during your inspection.

Q8. Do you agree to notify the agency if you test positive for COVID-19 within 2 weeks of attending this home so we can notify other attendees of the potential to have caught the virus and prevent it's further spreading?

Q9. Emergency Contact Name

As part of our response plan, we have to take considerable action if someone exhibits symptoms in extreme cases.
If you’re attending an open home alone we require an emergency contact to be given. Please note this information will not be used for any other person than in the case of hospitalization and serious emergency.