10 Hot Tips To Sell Your Home For More

Bayswater 10 hot tips to sell your home for more

The Master Bedroom is one of the most important rooms when presenting your home for sale! But Why?

The master bedroom is not a bedroom…it’s a sanctuary.

People often talk about how important the kitchen and bathrooms are when selling homes – and this is certainly true! However, the master bedroom can also sway a buyer one way or the other. This is the room that the people ‘spending the money’ (ie. your buyers!) will be using, and often it’s going to be the one room that “belongs” to them.

So getting it right could mean the difference between ‘sale’ and ‘no sale’.

And of course, if you connect emotionally with your buyers, it can add thousands of extra dollars to your sale price.

Buyers (and women in particular) see the master bedroom as a peaceful oasis away from the day’s hustle and bustle – so you need to know that this is not just ‘another bedroom’. You need to create an aspirational ‘sanctuary’ for your buyers.

Look at your master bedroom as a beautiful hotel suite. Think luxurious and calming. And keep it simple.

1. Make The Bed The Focal Point – Keep the room layout simple, stylish and uncluttered. Remove all those extra items like coat‐stands, bookcases, desks/computers, piles of books, magazine racks etc. This is important for two reasons: it makes the room look larger AND we want to remove all distractions (remember, we are creating a calm sanctuary).

2. Always use two matching bedside tables in a master bedroom, as it makes the bed look and feel larger. More grand. Also, by adding two matching bedside lamps (in neutral colours) you will add to this overall effect of luxury AND create more light in the room. Buyers love light rooms!

BONUS TIP: Bedside lamps that are too small – make sure they are large and luxurious. (Go larger than you think!)

3. Choose calm and restful colours – for the walls, and also for the bedding itself (NOT highly personal choices that might shock your buyers such as purple walls and green swirly linen!). White linen always works really well as it looks crisp, clean and inviting. Also, make sure the bed looks inviting by adding well‐chosen cushions and throws. Layer over a large throw rug, European pillows, standard pillows and scatter cushions to add texture and interest.

BONUS TIP: A common mistake I see is either NO scatter cushions…or too many! Don’t go overboard – 4 is a good rule of thumb.

4. Make sure the bedding you select appeals to BOTH sexes – not too floral and feminine so that men can’t see it as their space too.

5. Always use a valance (sometimes called a bed skirt) around the mattress base. Use a neutral colour such as white, stone or black, (depending on the linen colour) so it will ‘disappear’.

6. Use oversized linen – this is a great professional stylists trick…always use linen that is one size larger than your bed to make the quilt look large, inviting and luxurious! (ie. on a Queen bed use a King‐sized quilt cover).

“Look at your master bedroom as a beautiful hotel suite. Think luxurious and calming. And keep it simple.”

7. Make sure wardrobes are free from clutter – your buyers will almost certainly look in there. Have cupboards only half‐filled to capacity (remove clothing not being worn in the current season). Have all your shoes on racks and nothing on the floor. They will then look both more organized and more spacious. Colour‐code your clothes, and hang by garment type (ie. all the suits together, all the business shirts together etc…)

BONUS TIP: Ensure the top shelves are perfectly clear as this creates a sense of space.

8. Use big, beautiful artwork. The usual position for artwork in the bedroom is above the bed – as it strengthens the focal point of the room (the bed!). A horizontal format works best as it will be in proportion with the bed, and make sure it is not too small! Two‐thirds the width of the bed is a good rule of thumb. And when selecting art, it is a good idea to match the colours used on the bedding to create a cohesive room.

BONUS TIP: Don’t use artwork that is too personal – even in the bedroom. No boudoir shots, wedding photos or family photos. Save those personal statements for when you are decorating your own personal spaces! We suggest colour abstracts. These will add interest and energy, WITHOUT turning off any potential buyers.

9. Keep window dressings simple – if you have heavy, dark, strong‐coloured curtains you should remove them. They make the room feel small and cramped, and they stop the natural light from getting into the room. (It is better to have NO curtains than old, tired and dated drapes.) And you do not need to spend a lot of money on expensive, custom‐made drapes either – your buyers won’t really notice them and you will not get a good return on this investment. Again, keep it light, fresh and contemporary. The best tip is to use simple, neutral, sheer curtains (ready‐mades if possible!).

10. Create a sitting nook – If size permits, add a corner armchair (or two!) and a side table to create a small sitting area. You can also add a lamp, scatter cushions and a couple of books – and you have a small, exclusive ‘private’ living space in the master suite that always adds value in your buyer’s eyes.