Bendigo Bank Bayswater WA Interview.

Sean Kay of the Bendigo Bank and Steve Lay of Lay2 Real Estate Have a Chat.

Sean Kay of Bendigo Bank. Interviewed by Steve Lay of Lay2 Real Estate on 23 April 2020.

Bendigo Bank’s Sean Kay Speaks to Lay2’s Steve Lay – Bayswater WA

Some Light at the End of The Tunnel for Bendigo Bank Customers in Hardship!

Current and Future Vision

Steve Lay from Lay2 Real Estate discussed the current and future vision with a special Sean Kay, Senior Branch Manager with the Bendigo bank in Bayswater Western Australia.


A general disclaimer is that both gentlemen discussed general points about the bank, its plans moving forward and no advice or recommendations regarding financing were discussed. This is simply a general chat about what is currently happening.

Covid-19 Impact

Steve asked Sean about how Covid-19 was currently impacting Bendigo bank’s customers with regards to a mortgage lending home loans, and general savings and day to day banking etc.

Sean describes how he hopes that the Covid-19 situation in Perth generally is only a short term issue for residents and business alike, importantly Sean is calling out to any current or future customers who are facing any type of hardship, such as a reduction in their work hours, may of lost their job, he has offered that all they need to do is call the bank, ask to speak to Sean around the potential options for example a deferral on their mortgage payments.

Customer Credit Ratings

Steve ask Sean how our customers credit rating would be affected should they opt to defer for example mortgage payments for say a 3 to 6 month period, Sean explained that all banks as a whole are treating customer mortgage payments a deferral and not as a freeze of payments, however went on to say that payments will still be required to be met going forward.

More Great News for Local the Local Community and Bendigo Bank Staff.

Sean went on to say that his staff at the Bendigo bank on the front line are treating the current situation as professionally as they can, are in the branch and ready, willing and able to assist customers on a day-to-day basis. The bank and their services are regarded as an essential service, in saying so, look forward to the local customers and community pop into the branch, ask any questions they may have either directly to Sean or one of his friendly staff members.

Sean discussed how his customers are adapting to the current situation and looking at ways of doing more Internet banking rather than walking to the bank and conducting day to day over the counter transactions, he has found that customers are looking for ways to combat Covid -19, adopting the current measures of social distancing, which is changing on a day to day basis.

Bendigo Bank on the Front Foot Looking for Ways to Fund Community and Businesses Alike!

Steve asked Sean how Bendigo was approaching in assisting local community small businesses with regards to loans, Sean went on to say that it is a government initiative that the government provide small business bank loans up to $250,000, however one of the criteria is  that the small business is viable to begin with. Steve mentioned that when he arrived in Bayswater in the early 90s there were three banks within the precinct of Bayswater and slowly one by one moved out and it was around 20 years ago that Bendigo bank was established in the Bayswater area. Sean went on to say that one unique service he and his branch provides his customers is that if they have mortgage loans and savings account, or similar accounts at Bendigo bank, they all more than welcome to call, email Sean direct on his mobile and email address with any concerns or questions they may have.

Steve asked Sean about the fact that Bendigo is a community banks, assisting the community including supporting various small and medium businesses, for example annual grants, or direct monetary payments, Sean and the branch is looking at ways to invest in and support local businesses. In regards to community support the bank has since it opened in Bayswater invested over $2 million into community grants. Lastly, some new and current news is that the Noranda branch of Bendigo bank who has been operating for the last 15 years will be at closing its doors and will be merging with the Bayswater branch in the near future, in saying that the staff from the Noranda branch will be keeping their positions and integrating into the Bayswater branch.

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