NEW Bayswater Train Station Construction Contractor Appointed

There’s been a thorough evaluation of proposals to construct the Bayswater Train Station upgrade with the final decision being made. The Coleman Rail – Evolve Bayswater Alliance has been named as the preferred company to construct the 2nd largest train station in Perth in the heart of Bayswater with a contract be to signed soon.

Once the contract has been signed the Public Transport Authourity and the Alliance will be able to get on with the task of fine tuning the project details and construction timeline.

The new train station is ideally located to become a vital transport hub, linking the existing Midland line to the new Forrestfield-Airport train link. Also the proposed Morley- Ellenbrook rain line.

Artists impression heading North along King William St Bayswater

Bayswater Town Centre Changes Forever.

The new train station at Bayswater has been touted as providing better access through the town centre plus delivering pedestrian friendly streets and new public spaces. One thing that locals have been vocal about is the loss of the existing small amount parking in the Bayswater Town Centre. The existing park and ride facilities are being relocated to Meltham and Ashfield train stations with construction of the new increased parking currently in the process of being constructed with completion due later in 2020.

The Old (Truck Catcher) Railway Bridge Disappears

The iconic and very solid Bayswater underpass bridge will not be missed by unsuspecting truckies. The replacement bridge will have an increased height to 4.8m from 3.8m. One concern is that the increased height may well attract bigger trucks that were not able to fit previously. Maybe we will see bigger trucks with bigger loads getting stuck in the future. Time will tell.

New Jobs Created the Government Spruke’s

As with any major infrastructure spending, jobs are created. Jobs in the hundreds the State Government tells the community. We all should be happy about jobs creation the goverment tells us.

Change is Inevitable

The landscape of the Bayswater town centre will change forever from a sleepy hollow, only 7 kms to Perth. To become a major train hub the local community will need to endure years of disruption.

At what cost? In dollar terms the estimated cost of construction is approximately 150 million dollars.

Is there a cost to local business owners? Some might debate that local business owners will benefit, whilst others are saying the turnover will decrease due to the disruptions. Lay2 Real estate Bayswater located at 2 King William Street, Bayswater (cnr Whatley Cres) is right on the doorstep of this contruction. We will be able to give you first hand updates about the progress and impact on our local village precinct.

New beginning

Whatever your opinion, the truth is that change is inevitable as it heralds a new beginning for the Bayswater town Centre. Memories and stories of how it used to be will continue as time and change march on.

New Real Estate Values

If you would like to discuss what the impact of this new train station on your real estate values in the Bayswater area please call Lay2 Real Estate on 9371 1000. Or use the contact us button along the heading bar at the top of the page.