Meet Maggie: #DogsOfBayswater

Tell us your name. Hi. I’m Maggie.

How old are you Maggie? I’m nearly one and a half.

How did you meet your human? I got dumped at the park. I was pregnant at the time. Noah – he’s my step brother now – he and my human were walking at the park and they found me. I was looking a bit rough. They could tell I hadn’t been looked after for a while. They took me home to their house. Now it’s my house too.

Do you like playing with other dogs? I’m a little bit shy and apprehensive when I meet new dogs. For some reason, brown labradors scare me a bit.

Favourite foods? For a while I had to eat anything I could, whenever I could! I’ll still eat anything but I really need to learn to slow down and remember that I’m safe and no one will steal my food.

Tennis ball, stick or frisbee? You throw it and I’ll chase it. Then I’ll bring it back so you can throw it again. You’ll get tired of it before I do.

Do you enjoy swimming? If you throw something in the water – sure!

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