Real Estate Case Study – 46 Grand Promenade / Testimonial.

Real Estate Case Study - 39 Grand Prominade Bayswater WA - Lay2 Real Estate - Image of seller.

Real Estate – Case study 46 Grand Promenade , Bayswater WA 6053 by Lay2 Real Estate.

Bayswater Character Cottage, Speedy Sale Required!

A Bayswater young couple with one baby and another on the way needed to resolve there accommodation situation quickly and efficiently.

New baby on the way – property is too small. We need to sell.

They had poured their heart, soul, money and time into renovating there 1920’s Bayswater character weatherboard cottage. The home, although being incredibly appealing and well renovated was simply too small for the growing family. This was a problem that needed to be solved sooner rather than later as the new baby was due in 10 weeks.

Need a four bedroom house!

Having decided to move closer to parents in a southern Perth suburb where they could transition to a bigger block and four bedroom modern home was the goal.

Now another problem became evident. Homes were selling at a fast and frenzied rate and the couple did not want to be potentially homeless by selling their lovely Bayswater cottage and then finding they were unable to purchase a suitable home in a suitably priced area close to parental support.

Due to the situation the young couple decided to start the process of selling. They then called in 3 real estate agents for appraisals with Lay2 Real Estate being one of the agents.

Listening to the client!

Steve Lay listened to what the couple were trying to achieve in a frantic market. Listening carefully to the needs of the potential client Steve provided solutions to their needs. Importantly guiding the couple on how Lay2 Real Estate could facilitate maximum exposure for the property and create a sale price that allowed them to accept a great offer quickly and facilitate a purchase all at the same time.

Why Choose Steve / Lay2 Real Estate?

Steve was awarded the listing / business from the young couple. The reason for choosing Steve is highlighted in the video testimonial. See the video below.

Happy Customer

Quickly Sourcing The Right Buyer!

Steve Lay and Lay2 Real Estate were able to use all their skillsets, marketing technologies and database of property buyers to quickly present a buyer prepared to pay a price that met the sellers needs. A fantastic result for all concerned. This is why you can see such a big smile on the clients face. It’s not just about the sale price it’s about having an agent that is truly connected to your goals and one that is willing to work hard to achieve them.

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