Need to Sell Pronto – Case study 16 Coombe Street Bayswater WA

Need to sell pronto - 16 Coombe Street Bayswater WA 6053 - front of property image. Lay2 real Estate.

Need to Sell Pronto so we can close on the house we just bought! – Case Study 16 Coombe St Bayswater.

Lay2, can you please help me? (was the phone call).

Lay2, can you please help me? That’s what we are here for! What do you need? What is the situation now?

The problem that needed solving was…

Needed a Real Estate They Could Trust to Perform in a Short Period of Time

We have bought another home and need to sell the existing property pronto.

This is the problem that Rohan and Jane faced when they asked for help from Lay2 Real Estate in Bayswater WA.

After looking around for over a year to buy another home Rohan and Jane finally found a property that suited their family needs. Now they faced a new problem. Rohan and Jane had to take out a bridging loan as a subject to sale contract for the new purchase was not possible.

Problems Multiplied Three Fold!

The problems were now multiplied threefold.

  1. The possibility of the house taking a long time to sell.
  2. The inconvenience of the house being on the market whilst they worked.
  3. The costs of the bridging loan – the longer the process took the more this would cost!

An Agent That They Could Trust To work Hard to Get the Best Possible Price!

And on top of the need to sell pronto they needed a real estate agent they could trust to sell for as much as possible and not just take the first offer and make work easy of it for themselves. They needed an agent trulu dedicated to getting the best sales result as the market could provide at that time. They decided to use Lay2 Real Estate.

What next?

By listening to the individual needs and wants of Rohan and Jane Lay2 created a marketing and sales strategy that covered all their bases. Having already dealt with Steve Lay before they had a good idea that Lay2 could help solve their problems. Rohan and Jane trusted Steve and Lay2 Real Estate’s advice on how to approach these problems.

Time was of the essence!

The Solution/Plan

Lay2’s advice was to use a bottom up approach for the pricing. An individually crafted marketing campaign coupled up with Lay2’s award winning offer management software the campaign was off and running.

Starting with Lay2 Real Estate’s extensive Bayswater focused property buyer database marketing, website and Facebook marketing followed by home opens on the Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday evening.

Need to sell pronto - 16 Coombe Street Bayswater WA - front of property image - sold by Lay2 Real Estate.
16 Coombe Street Bayswater WA – Sold by Lay2 Real Estate

Good traffic to the home open! Over 123 groups of people to the property.

The bottom pricing strategy attracted over 123 groups of buyers to the property, 55 groups through the first Saturday morning home open in 39 degree heat.

32 groups registered their interest to buy the home!

We ended up with 32 groups registering their interest in wanting a chance to buy the home. The offer management software that Lay2 Real Estate uses is where the 32 interested groups buyers were registered over the course of the first 4 days. Of the 32 groups of buyers interested a total of 15 groups actually started negotiating as the price had started lower and for 17 of the interested groups of buyers the price had already passed their budget by the time they were on board the software.

Within 5 Days Lay2 Guided the price up by 22.3%!

The property started out with an opening price of $585,000 from the first interested buyer on our offer management software on the Saturday. By the following Wednesday afternoon with 15 groups of buyers all trying to buy the one home we ended at our selling process at a whopping $715,000. Within 5 days Lay2 had guided the price up $130,000 (22.3% higher).

Needless to say the sellers, Rohan and Jane were over the moon with joy!

Lay2 stepped up to the challenge listening too and understanding the sellers needs. Then guided the sellers to a concisely completed and profitable outcome.

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