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Hi, Steve Lay here from Lay2 Real Estate in Bayswater WA.

Bayswater or Near by Suburb Property Buyers
If you’re a buyer looking to buy in Bayswater or surrounding areas, I just want to update you on what’s been happening in the property market. Normally there would be plenty of properties on the market via various website ‘s and you’ll see them all, what’s changed is that sellers don’t want their properties marketed, so what we’ve been doing is actually putting these properties on the market as off market listings.

Priority Property Buyers List – Bayswater WA

Now if we don’t know what you’re looking for with regards to what kind of property you are looking for, we can’t contact you, so if you want to get onto a priority list then we can contact you as soon as these properties come up, give you the opportunity, which is actually quite a unique opportunity now, because you’re not having to compete with other buyers.

Fill In Your Buying Needsget on the priority list.
Please feel free to fill out some of your details by clicking on the button above or HERE, just tell us a bit about yourself and will get back in contact with you, fine tune what exactly what you are after and then hopefully will be able to find the property for you actually looking for. There is stock coming to the market so just let us know what you’re after and we will be more than happy to help you buy that property. I’m Steve Lay, thanks for watching ciao for now.

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