Surprise Reminder From Twenty Years Ago!

Picture of an old testimonial given to Steve Lay for selling a house in Bayswater WA

Bayswater Real Estate Sales Testimonial. (Thank you Max and George Black).

From 1999
Earlier today I received a text from Max, a long-term client of mine. It contained a black and white photo of a newspaper clipping from late 1999 showing Max and his wife Lillian, directly after purchasing a home through myself.  Max had kept this clipping as a memento all these years.

Thank you letter from George Black to Steve Lay in 1999.

Enjoying What You Do
It was a surprise reminder about how time flies when you are enjoying what you do for a living.  A blast from the past. More than twenty years ago I was invited to meet a gentleman by the name of George Black who was a resident of Bayswater. George lived in Bayswater with his wife Ann at 50 Leake Street Bayswater.  Together they lived in their home for over 50 years until 2006, it was their first and only home.

A Story on Kenilworth Street
George Black had lived in Bayswater his whole life, starting out at 43 Kenilworth Street, Bayswater in the 1930’s. The property at Kenilworth Street, Bayswater in 1999 became part of a deceased estate. George’s mother had passed and it was time to sell the family home. This classic 1930’s brick home stood majestically above the street on a full 809sqm lot. Several real estate agents were called in to appraise the family home. After that process George had chosen me to assist with the sale.

Untouched and very original throughout with no modern upgrades. Right down to the small kitchen with its wood burning Metter’s stove/oven which was the only cooker and still used by George’s mother every day until Mrs Black passed.

Back in 1999 I was working as a real estate representative with a new real estate start-up company called Realty Executives. I had honed my skills specialising as an onsite Auction agent with Century 21 in Bayswater from 1992 until 1997. Then in mid-1997 moved on to bigger and better opportunities with the progressive Realty Executives.

George’s Words Resonate Today
Any way back to the Kenilworth Street property and why I am penning this story. Reading George Black’s thankyou letter so many years later made me a little sad as George was a top fella and has since passed himself. The letter expressed George’s opinion on how I had conducted myself as a real estate agent. George’s words resonate today with the Google reviews we get from our clients at Lay2 Real Estate and the similarities in what George was writing about back then still prevail. It is interesting as little as twenty years ago people didn’t have review sites to leave testimonial’s, they wrote letters as George did.

I feel very grateful to have been able to help so many people exit and enter Bayswater properties over the last 28 years. The really important points George makes about being available and nothing being too much trouble is simply a part of my DNA. George notes the particular choice of selling process and how happy he was with the professional advice I had provided. Words like compassion which George mentions mean a great deal to me as a real estate agent as sometimes people are cynical about the intentions of people in our profession.

Thank You Letter Style
A happy client going out of their way to say thank you.  George’s first hand observations highlighted in the form a thankyou letter pre dating the internet. A snapshot of a bye gone era that was a mere twenty years ago.

All in all, I am super chuffed that I got to walk down memory lane. Its reminder that my care factor is still as strong as it was and not changed. Why? Because I love helping people.

Bless you Max and bless you George Black.

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