ATO Capital Gains Withholding Clearance Certificate and Electrical/Smoke Alarm Safety Certficate. Real Estate Western Australia.

ATO Capital Gains Clearance Certificate and Electrical Safety Certificate post banner image.

When you Sell Your Property the following document copies will need to be sent to your settlement agent.

ATO Capital Gains Withholding Clearance Certificate.

When you receive an offer on your property (or prior) you will need to
produce an ATO Capital Gains Withholding Clearance Certificate.
Click here to go the the ATO web page.

Electrical Safety Certificate / Smoke Alarms

You’ll also need an electrical safety certificate and smoke alarm clearance.  See details and links below. 
(Copies of these documents will need to be supplied to your settlement agent.) 

Electrical Safety Certificate

RCD requirements for sale, rent and hire properties.  Click Here.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms and RCDs – Click here.

Confirm with your Settlement Agent

Be sure to confirm with your settlement agent as to what documents you will need to provide regarding settling your property. Clarify these documents sooner than later.

Note: You can arrange these documents before you sell!

You can apply for the ATO certificate and electrical safety certificate, smoke alarm clearance before you place your home on the market to sell.

ATO Capital Gains Withholding – Your Accountant

Consult with your accountant regarding your personal and or company taxation requirements.