Bayswater Buyer Seller Testimonials

Bayswater Buyer Seller Testimonial- image of a buyer's testimonial.

Bayswater Buyer Seller Testimonials

Lay2 Real Estate works hard to ensure that we do our best. We are working to not just get a great price for the seller but we are also invested in making sure all potential buyers are looked after as best as possible.

Market Price

Buyers understand that the seller wants as much money as possible. Sellers are aware that buyers want to pay a little as possible. The market and competition to buy that Lay2 facilitates results in a market price.

What is Your Property Worth?

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The Process

Along this journey is the process of the sale from start to finish. When you break down all the different parts from a sale of a property it adds up to a lot of moving pieces. Starting with the initial contact with the seller and property appraisal. Then the preparation of the property, marketing, home opens and talking with potential buyers. Then the final process of contract writing and agreement of terms and price between seller and buyer. Signing of contracts, final inspection and settlement.


The communications required through this whole process is substantial. Lay2 works very hard to keep a good line of communication open with all parties. This is one of the reasons that we receive a lot of positive feedback and five star reviews. We truly do work hard to keep everyone informed in a timely manner.

Bayswater Buyer Seller Testimonials

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