Seriously Good Value Home at 9 Toowong

Picture of the house for sale at 9 Toowong Street Bayswater WA

Bayswater Ready To Move in Property For Sale

A fantastic ready to move in property for sale! Call Steve Lay on 0419 191 100 now.

9 Toowong Street Bayswater WA

For Sale through Lay2 Real Estate, Bayswater WA.

The Price
Offers from $500,000’s is where we expect it to start.

Hi, thank you for clicking through! I just wanted to talk to you about a property Lay2 Real Estate has listed for sale located at 9 Toowong Street, Bayswater.

This property is a lovely character home, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. A typical Bayswater style cottage on the 320 m² block which  has a great feel to it, I have been in a lot of homes over the last 28 years and I can vouch for this home. The property has an awesome feel to it, you have to visit the property and experience it for yourself to get what I mean. 

See more pics and details at the following link:

If you are looking to buy a home in Bayswater and you are a first homebuyer or you are looking to downsize, hey I know we are currently going through this Covid-19 situation, however don’t miss this opportunity, it is a fabulous home, I don’t say that lightly because there are a lot of homes out there which need a lot of work, with this property, all the work has been done and you can move right in as is.

Contact Steve Lay

Give me a call on 0419 191 100 or 9371 100 and I’ll answer your questions, we can make an appointment to view the property at a day and time that will suit yourself and the seller. 

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Now come and have a look at 9 Toowong Street, Bayswater, you will just love it!

Also to note is if 9 Toowong Street, Bayswater doesn’t suit then we do have properties on the market that are actually not being advertised, they are quiet listings.

Picture of the Kitchen at 9 Toowong Street Bayswater
Kitchen at 9 Toowong St Bayswater

Chao for now I’ll see you when I see you thank you!

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