Yum! Cosmo Coffee Caravan Bayswater WA

Picture of Amos at his Cosmos Coffee Van in Bayswater WA


Are you as guilty as me of driving past this iconic retro style 1960’s Air stream aluminium caravan which doubles up as a coffee vendor? Honestly I can put my hand up and say that I would have driven past Cosmo Coffee at least 50 times and never once stopped. I know, I know I should be ashamed as a local Bayswater real estate agent.

I Must Buy a Coffee

During the work day, I am often called out either to appraise properties, conduct property buyer inspections or general day to day real estate duties for Lay2 Real estate in Bayswater. Minutes away located on Coode Street Bayswater I often find myself driving past Cosmo’s coffee van. There always seems to be a number of people milling around waiting to order their coffee fix, driving past week after week thinking I must stop one day and buy a coffee. 

Meet Amos

Well this week I did just that, pulled in before work and introduced myself as Tom Sideris, working out of Lay2 Real Estate on the corner of King William and Whatley Crescent. The barista and owner operator of Cosmo’s Coffee is Amos. As I ordered a long black, 3 quarter full in a takeaway cup I started chatting with Amos about how long he has been operating for. His reply with a smile was just over 2 years. I am here 6 days a week Tom, Monday’s through to Saturday explained Amos, I start at 6:30 am and usually pack up by 1:30pm. What I discovered was that Amos is very passionate about his coffee. 

Picture of the Cosmo Coffee Sign
The Cosmo Coffee Sign

Living in a Covid-19 World

Amos is also a passionate small business owner like a lot of other business owners now living in Covid-19 world. Supporting local businesses and helping them get through this period of uncertainty would certainly be appreciated. Here’s an idea with people working from home these days. Go for a walk and make a beeline for Cosmo’s Coffee van. Take the children or dog for a walk as well, get a bit of fresh air. And like me if you find yourself driving along Coode St Bayswater as I do all the time maybe you should slow down, drop in and say hi to Amos and buy yourself a coffee. 

Amos and his Comos Coffee van are located in the Waymond Park Car Park, opposite Hillcrest Reserve Bayswater on Coode Street. 

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