Spring into Your Veggie Patch

25 Aug 2019

A few questions for “Annie” – one of our own veggie lovers and growers. (Note: Annie grows veggies at home for home use only).

Question to Annie:
“Hey Annie, what veggies can you plant now we are in September” (or nearly there)?

“Depending on the climate I think you can grow most veggies. Mizzuna green leafy & lettuces, eggplants, spring onions, radishes, tomatoes, cherrie tomatoes are easier to grow”.

Question to Annie:
Some advice please Annie – how best to start? What do we need to buy and prepare?

If using big and raised garden beds to start a veggie patch you need a trailer load of premium potting mix or veggie soil mix from a soil place. If planting in pots maybe not as much but it’s better have a bit too much than not enough. Consult with the nursery as to how much you should need.

Premium potting mix has fertiliser and Wetta soil mixed in so you don’t have to buy those. Finish off/top off with a pea hay or sugar cane or lupin mulch. Water in and keep in a sunny spot.

Plants can be purchased as seedlings and watered in with Seasol & Powerfeed to help with transplant shock and development of strong root growth. If using seeds they can be planted directly to the soil and lightly covered with soil and watered in. If using existing soil, mix in manures cow or sheep or a mix of the two and a sprinkle of blood and bone. Turn it all in and leave for a week before planting out.

To be continued.

GARDEN SUPPLIES in or near Bayswater.
Slab and Garden City
13 River Road Bayswater WA
Tel: 08 9279 5100
– Check their web page for more details here;

Beaufort Garden Centre (Inglewood).
944 Beaufort Street Inglewood WA 6052
Tel: 08 9271 0585
– Check their web page for more details here;

These are just a couple places that may be able to assist with your gardening needs.

Let us know how you get on – Happy Gardening!

Oh and before I forget – the Bayswater Saturday Morning Growers Market is Starting on September 7th – Yeah! See the following link for those details; https://www.lay2.com.au/bayswater/bayswater-wa-to-host-saturday-growers-market/

Article by Mick Lay.
Note: Lay2 Real Estate has no affiliation with the two businesses mentioned in this article.