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What’s my home worth today? As the market changes so does the potential sale price of your property. The recent market condition over the last 18 months or so has seen the market value of most properties rise. How is your property situated at the moment?

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When you click on the link above or here you will arrive at the Lay2 free property report page. You can receive up to date market analysis based on recent sales of properties in the same and near by neighbourhoods.

Has your property gone up in the last 12 months? Access the report and find out. Maybe you need to refinance your property? Access the report for an up to date market valuation*.

*Up to date market valuation – the approximate value placed on your property does not mean that is what the property will sell for. We at Lay2 Real Estate strive to sell the property for more than is stated on that valuation!

Each Property is Different

Each property is different. Your property may have something different to offer than other properties do not. the location in a suburb and street can also affect the sale price. The outlook, aspect, views, access to public transport, access point to the property like rear access or side access can be a plus. Does your property already have a large well established rear shed? Is there a below ground pool? Does it have solar power? Is it close to the river or ocean? Is it close to schools? What is the access to shops like? What kind of shops are near by? All these factors count.

The current state of your property is obviously a large factor. Have you recently painted the home, fixed the roof, redone the electrics, repaired fencing, worked on the gardens, included new air-conditioning, built on a council approved extension? How big are the bedrooms? Has the bathroom and kitchen been remodeled recently? Is there an ensuite off the main bedroom?

Obtaining the Best Sale Price For Your Property

How do you best prepare your property for sale? How much do you spend to get the property at a state that it will help you sell the property but overall not cost you to do so. ie. can you recoup what you spend on improving the property in the sale price or better still get a better price when doing so? Or is it best to offer the property to the market as is?

Have us at Lay2 Real Estate take a look at your property. We’d be happy to give you our feed back on how we believe it would be best to prepare the property for sale.

How do I get the best sale price for my home? Take a look at the endless examples of how we increased the sale price of real estate for clients. We will bring the evidence for you to see and explain how it works. This take time and experience to get right. That’s what we do at Lay2 Real Estate. If you want to sell your property for the best possible price in todays real estate market talk to us now. Fill in the contact form below or call/email us. Ask us “What’s my home worth”?

What’s My Home Worth? – free market report now – click here.

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