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Who is Mustard Seed Podiarty?
Sam and Lydia are the husband and wife team behind Mustard Seed Podiatry. The award winning podiatry clinic on Guildford Road Bayswater WA.

Sam and Lydia - owners of Mustard Seed Podiatry in Bayswater WA
Sam and Lydia – Owners of Mustard Seed Podiatry in Bayswater WA

The Start
Opening in 2016, Mustard Seed has become a firm fixture in the Bayswater community, not just for their practice, but for their support of local community and local community groups. Having lived in the area for many years, Bayswater was a natural choice for Sam and Lydia to open their business. “Sam was living in Morley and I went to Chisolm College, so Bayswater felt like the right place to start our business. We now know so many residents in the area and we love it.” Lydia said.

Qualifications and Training
Sam and Lydia, who trained at UWA, are passionate about podiatry. Sam explains. “We are both very passionate about health, and we were attracted to the uniqueness of podiatry and the impact that it can have on people’s health and well being. We wanted to do something a bit different and feet are quite fascinating once you start to learn about their complexity and functions.” As the business name suggests, the team at Mustard Seed are a bit different, and they embrace it. Their main purpose is to be a result-driven practice, and to literally get people back on their feet, doing what they love, as soon as possible. They love getting to know their customers, and always get to know them as real people rather than just another case. Their favourite topic to discuss with their fellow locals? Favourite food spots!

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Mustard Seed are committed to making a positive impact with their business. Recently, they became a certified B Corporation. B Corp for short, is a global movement involving businesses around the world who are committed to using profit to drive positive changes. Mustard Seed is the first podiatry practice in the world to obtain the B Corporation certification.
Mustard Seeds success was acknowledge in 2018 when they won Enterprise of the Year at the Belmont Small Business Awards. Throughout the last three years in business, they have won the Best Customer Service Award on separate occasions, been nominated as a finalist for the Best New Business Award, and Health Business of the Year at the Optus Business Awards which is a national business award.

Over the last four years, Sam and Lydia have fallen in love with Bayswater. “It’s so central, has a lovely mix of old and new, we are right beside the river… what’s not to love about Baysie?” they said.

If your feet are stopping you from doing the things you want to do in life, give Sam and Lydia at Mustard Seed Podiatry a call. Tel: 08 6361 1205.

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Sam and Lydia owners of Mustard Seed Podiatry in Bayswater WA sitting on the couch.
Give Sam and Lydia a call – your feet will thank you! Tel: 08 6361 1205