Steve talks to the owner about property management experience


Dr Chris Fox & Clare Bestow discuss their property management experience.

Chris: Steve Lay’s been in this area for a long time, has a lot of real estate experience so we felt very comfortable going with them.

Clare: His reputation in Bayswater is second to none.

How has Lay2 supported you with the development planning for your investment property?

Clare: I’ve been dealing with Harrison at Lay2 Real Estate as the property manager. He’s young, dynamic, really enthusiastic and as a recent graduate, he’s very aware about what the legislation is and what his roles and responsibilities are as a property manager. He’s very enthusiastic, very quick, responsive and he’s really a great property manager to have on your side.

What are the strong points that Lay2 demonstrates as property managers?

Chris: As far as we’re concerned, Lay2 are very proactive in I guess a difficult market at the moment and have got a very good understanding of what’s going on, on a micro level in the suburbs that are here in our our local area.

Why would you recommend other investors to trust Lay2 in managing their property?

Chris: We’ve been very impressed with their communication actually.

Clare: Their whole approach seems to be based on sound relationships. They’ve worked very hard to develop a positive relationship with us and understand what we want from our investment property. But also I think they’ve been very responsive to the needs of the tenants as well and I think that’s very important for maintaining a good result for us and a good result for the tenants.

Would you be happy to endorse Lay2 Real Estate?

Chris: We can certainly recommend them. We’ve both found them very friendly, approachable and full of useful information.

Clare: They’re a great team. There’s Steve with his depth of experience and then there’s Harrison who’s got youthful enthusiasm and it’s a great combination.